The Top 10 EuroLeague Free Agents Power Forwards

01/Jun/23 12:00 June 1, 2023

Cesare Milanti

01/Jun/23 12:00
power forward

Moving to the power forwards, the free-agent list carries multiple versatile options for Turkish Airlines EuroLeague teams

By Melikşah Bayrav /

Coming out of perhaps the most competitive season in Turkish Airlines EuroLeague history, all teams will be looking for pieces to strengthen their respective rosters during the offseason.

Plenty of free agents scattered all around the place, including household names guaranteed to make noise in the summer.

Scanning EuroLeague’s free-agent market in the EuroLeague, Eurohoops compiles the Top 10 list of the best available power forwards.

Check out our Top 10 lists of point guards, shooting guards, and small forwards. Centers will wrap up the free-agent week Friday.

NOTE: Players with a +1 year option in their contract are not included in the list.